Mommy and Me Meal Plan

In special commemoration of the @snackswithJax 100th Instagram post, we decided to share a meal plan for other mamas who are hungry too!

Something that has taken some adjusting is becoming used to the idea that my needs are NEVER first. Because of that, I would find myself STARVING at 9pm after putting Jax down, cleaning our home, taking the dog out, and then realizing I had only managed to eat a cheese stick and maybe half a sandwich (if  I was lucky enough to have the time to make a sandwich, to begin with).

The most important part of taking care of everyone else is being ABLE to take care of everyone else. When I wasn’t eating well (or at all) I didn’t have the energy to keep up with Jax. As he is only becoming more and more active I needed to remedy this quickly. At that time I was making his pureed baby food myself (age 4-6m) which was CRAZYYYYY time consuming and required me to use basically all the dishes in my kitchen. Then I would spend the next day and a half freezing the stuff in “batches” because we only had a half freezer at the time.

That is when our Baby Led Weaning journey began. I set out to find a way to be able to multitask my meals and his at the same time!

EXCITING NEWS: As of June 12th, I officially left my job to stay home with Jaxon full time! Over the past year, and especially in the past 6 months, I have been stretched so thin. I have been balancing life with a husband who travels out of town 4-5 days a week, taking 3 college courses, planning a wedding, having a wedding, moved, and continued to have a job. This meant I spent most of my time multitasking with Jax and studying and I spent less than a day a week with my husband.

Horrible. Miserable. Both understatements.

So I quit. 

I cried, a lot. But now that I get to spend my days with Jax my heart is constantly so full!

It is so rewarding to see that my time and attention is helping to grow this kind-hearted, smart little boy!

Now that I am home our days have fallen into a (relaxed) routine.

Our average day

  • 6-7am Jaxon wakes up and we snuggle in my room for about 20-30 minutes
  • 7am I head to the kitchen and pour some coffee as I begin to make breakfast

Check out our full weekly MEAL PLAN here: Mommy and Me Meal Plan

  • 7:30-9am We play in Jaxon’s room or the living room while I drink coffee and try to become a normal, functioning adult
  • 9am- Milk and a nap for Jax. I previously used this time to do my coursework however now I take this time to get dressed and do my make up
  • 11-12pm Jax and I play and do housework
  • 12pm Lunchtime
  • 12:30-2:30pm Playtime- we usually try to run errands now or go to the playground/pool
  • 2:30pm Milk and a nap for Jax and I try to rest during this time too
  • 3:30-5pm More playtime!
  • 5pm I start cooking dinner
  • 6pm Jax eats dinner
  • 6:30 Bathtime
  • 7pm Milk and bedtime for the little man!
  • 7pm Right after Jax goes to bed I spend the next couple hours cleaning up and then try to prep as much as I can for meals the next day
  • 10pm I try to be in the shower the coffee pot preset- because coffee is life. and nothing makes waking up to a crying baby better than the smell of fresh coffee!

(Edit: After 10 weeks of the Stay-at-Home mom life, I have now returned to work as a Digital Media Marketing Manager! You never know where life will take you! Jaxon is now 15m and attends Mother’s Day Out on Tues/Thurs from 8:30am-2pm while I work. Such an amazing Work-Life balance! However M/W/F and the weekends are just like the above schedule.)

Keep Snacking!

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