Toddler Kitchen Tools

Cooking with your toddler(s) can be an amazing learning experience! But not everything in the kitchen is safe or appropriate for little hands.

Finding age appropriate tools is one of the best ways to make meal prep easier with your little one by your side. Here are some of my favorite toddler kitchen tools!


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1- Kitchen Helper

Having a safe place to stand is one of the most important parts of cooking with a toddler. You can read more here about creating a “designated safe space” for your toddler to cook. My favorite product for safe, counter-height cooking is our Kitchen Helper stand. It’s completely enclosed so that your little one can not fall out and comes with a slip-proof mat– so no matter what they spill they will not slip! It comes in a variety of colors to match your kitchen and also folds up for easy storage. Something that is essential if you have a small kitchen like our family.

2- Foost Knife (age 2+)

Sharp items such as knives, peelers, and graters are often most parents biggest concern (second only to “hot” items) in the kitchen. My personal favorite knife to start toddlers with is from Foost. The seration on the “blade” allows it to cut through foods wiht a sawing motion but it is not sharp enough to hurt someone.


3- Children’s Saftey Sciccors

Not every toddler is ready for the “sawing motion” that a knife requires but these safety sciccors are perfect for little hands! I cut veggies or fruits into long thin strips and then allow little ones to use the sciccors to cut those into smaller pieces.

4- Full Circle Veggie/Fruit Brush

Allowing little ones to help with different aspects of meal prep can help foster independence and also keep them entertained so you can get meals ready with less interuptions. Win-win, right?


One of my favorite activities to task little hands with is to “clean the produce”. Simply fill the sink or a bowl with water, place the produce in it, and hand them this little brush! The circle handle makes it perfect for little hands to grasp- even when wet.

This post contains affiliate links. For more information see my full disclosure here.

5- Curious Chef Knife (age 4+)

Another great knife to begin with for toddlers is this set from Curious Chef! These are plastic, clean easily, and come in a varitey of sizes.


6- Curious Chef Cutting Board

Having a cutting board that will not slip and slide around is very important when working with a toddler. This adorable lemon shaped cutting board is perfect for that!

7- Colorful Measuring Cups and Spoons

Toddlers want to help in the kitchen but there are some things they just are not capable of yet- like reading the sizes on measuring cups and spoons. A great way to make that easier is by using the colored measuring cups and spoons. Instead of needing “1.5 cups” you can ask your little one to do “3 blue scoops” or “6 red scoops” and so on based on their age and abilities! Recognizing colors comes wayyyy before they learn fractions so meet them in the middle and use what they DO know to make meal prep more fun!


8- Full Circle Brush and Dust Pan

Cleaning up is an important (and essential) part of cooking. Including toddlers in the clean up process also can help teach responsiblity. Tasking toddlers with small task like sweeping up crumbs using this small brush and dust pan can honestly be huge help! Little hands and eyes can spot and reach those areas under cabinets and tables- make a game of it and it’s even more fun! Who can fill up their dust pan the most?

This post contains affiliate links. For more information see my full disclosure here.

9- Mini Silicone Rolling Pins

There are lots of recipes that call for rolling out different doughs and these little silicone rolling pins are ideal! They clean easily and are great for toddlers little hands.


10 – Bowls with Non-Slip Base

Nothing is worse than letting a toddler take a turn at mixing just for them to spin the bowl right off the counter. A set of these bowls with the non-slip base are an great for having a little chef in the kitchen with you!

11- Mini Cookie Cutters

I LOVE using these mini cookie cutters to make meals more interesting for Jax but they are also a great way to keep him entertained in the kitchen as well. A few of these and some veggie scraps and he is entertained for at least a few extra minutes!


This post contains affiliate links. For more information see my full disclosure here.

12- Silicone Utensils

Having a set of silicone utenstils is best when working with toddlers. Unlike their metal counterparts, silicone utensil will not retain heat if used to stir somethin which means it reduces the chances your little one will grab something hot. Things like stirring, whisking and brushing are perfect toddler kitchen tasks.

For more about cooking with toddler check out these 10 Tips for Staying Sane, Safe, and Sanitary in the Kitchen with your Toddler!

You can also watch Jax and I cook together on our YouTube Channel.


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