One Pot Garlic Butter Chicken and Rice with Broccoli

One pot meals are ALWAYS the best! Less dishes, less work, but still delicious. This Garlic Butter Chicken and Rice is perfect to make for the whole family to enjoy together!


I use my Dutch Oven for this recipe but any large pot with a lid will work.

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You can check out exactly how I plated this meal for my (at that time) 2 year old. On our IG account I share both his plate at the beginning AND what it is like at the end (with additional servings noted in the caption) in order to help other parents gain a realistic veiw on what it is like to feed a toddler.

The evening meal can always seem like the most stressful so I love being able to share quick and healthy meals that your whole family can enjoy! I also encourage you to look for fun ways to include your little one(s) in meal prep. It can be a great learning experience as well as a chance for them to explore new or less favorable foods. Learn more about cooking with your toddler here.


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Sarah is the creator and mom behind "Snacks with Jax", a social media community of over 85,000 parents/caregivers, where she shares her son's meals, nutrition information, and evidence-based tips for feeding children. She is a Certified Health Education Specialist with a Bachelor's degree in Nutrition emphasizing in Wellness from Texas Woman's University and years of experience as a culinary instructor working with ages 2+. She has coached hundreds of parents & caregivers through the journey introducing solids to babies and also navigating picky eating with toddlers and older children. Her focus is on establishing a life-long healthy relationship with food for children while also empowering, encouraging, and educating their adult caregivers.

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