Tips for Helping Your Little Learn to Like Veggies

While Learning to Like Veggies can take some time (and by that I do actually mean patience, read here about the importance of repeat exposures) here are some tips to help your child learn to like veggies (and keep you sane 😉): 

Make them fun!

We eat first with our eyes so by making veggies more visually appealing we make them more interesting.

Add a novelty item!

Kids learn naturally through play and including simple items like food picks, fun utensils or even something as simple as a toothpick can pique a child’s interest. 

Learn more about our “Make Meals Fun” kit.

Add a dipping sauce!

Yes, sometimes they will just use the veggie to eat the dip. But that’s okay! There are lots of nutrient-rich, picky eater approved dips (See FREE Guide here) that can help kids warm up to tasting veggies, and using a veggie as a vessel for dip gets them one step closer to eating it

Use seasonings to enhance the flavor!

Adding healthy fats like olive oil, butter, or avocado oil help to enhance the flavor and so do a variety of seasonings. 

Focus on Variety!

The awesome thing about food is that there are so many different ways to prepare them. Just because you don’t necessarily love steamed broccoli doesn’t mean you won’t like it roasted! Sometimes something as simple as changing the cooking method can help.

MODEL eating them YOURSELF!

One of the MOST underrated techniques for helping kids learn new foods is for them to see parents, caregivers, peers, and siblings eating those foods, too! If you want your child to eat it, you should eat it (of course, this doesn’t apply to food allergies or intolerances).

REMEMBER, it can take time to learn to like things. I am well into adulthood and I honestly JUST learned to like Brussels sprouts.

But the only way we learn is with the opportunity to try! 

So make a point to offer, start small to make it less intimidating & reduce *potential* food waste, and EAT YOUR OWN VEGGIES– if you want your child to learn to eat them too!


Published by snackswithjax

Sarah is the creator and mom behind "Snacks with Jax", a social media community of over 85,000 parents/caregivers, where she shares her son's meals, nutrition information, and evidence-based tips for feeding children. She is a Certified Health Education Specialist with a Bachelor's degree in Nutrition emphasizing in Wellness from Texas Woman's University and years of experience as a culinary instructor working with ages 2+. She has coached hundreds of parents & caregivers through the journey introducing solids to babies and also navigating picky eating with toddlers and older children. Her focus is on establishing a life-long healthy relationship with food for children while also empowering, encouraging, and educating their adult caregivers.

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