Holiday Gift Guide

Holidays after having children are truly magical. Overwhelming, busy, expensive, but also magical.

Seeing the holidays experienced through Jaxon’s eyes makes every part of the stress worth it!

Now, when it comes to toys I have some preferences.

Toys for kids seems to be so cheaply made and if your kid is anything like mine, toys take a beating. I refer to look for higher quality toys that will last longer and usually those end up being wooden toys.

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My second preference is for toys to be either open ended (to encourage creativity) or learning focused. Play is how little brains learn and process the world around them so I love fostering that for Jaxon.

Lastly, I really love gender neutral and inclusive toys and activities. There is no reason a little boy can’t have a dollhouse nor a reason a little girl can’t have a race car. Boys will grow into men who have a sense of “home” and know that household tasks are not just for women. While little girls will grow into women who will know how to car for their own vehicle. It’s okay to let children play with toys and learn about the world around them!


1. Melissa & Doug Wooden Project Workbench

This is one of our most played with items. Jaxon could bang, saw, and build all day and I love seeing his creations.


2. Melissa and Doug Sweep! Mop! Dust!

Get your little one excited about helping out with this awesome set!


3. FLISAT Children Table + Bins for Sensory Activities

Perfect for all the fun indoor and outdoor sensory activities. It cleans so easily!


4. Gender Neutral Play (Doll) House

As a boy mom, I try very hard to make sure there are no “gender stereotypes” when it comes to toys. Boys live in homes and have families just like girls so having a Play House is great for creative play!


5. Diverse Families for Play House

Diversity is very important to me and the key to teaching acceptance and respect for other people starts at home which is why I made sure we have a diverse group of dolls for our playhouse.

Check out this family here>>
Check out this family here>>
Check out this family here >>

6. Play Tent/Fort

We use this all the time. For play, for quiet time, and most importantly, for storage! This Play Tent is awesome for putting away toys so they are out of sight but still accessible to your little one. It is also a fun place to snuggle up and read a book or two before bedtime.


7. Open-Ended Play Toys

These are actually some of our most played with toys and the best part is, I made them myself. Now, if you are thinking “Ugh who has time for a DIY?” then let me assure you, these take NO TIME to paint and the best part is you can do them whatever colors you want and they stimulate open, creative play. Learn more here >>


8. Children’s Play Kitchen

It is no surprise that a Play Kitchen made our list. After all, I LOVE getting kids in the kitchen to explore new foods but pretend play can be just as beneficial! On nights when I don’t have the time (or energy) to let my little one help out, I will ask him to cook me dinner in his kitchen.


9. Play Kitchen Food

You can’t have a kitchen without food! I love to make sure our play food is colorful and exciting. This set is amazing because it lets your little ones practice their cutting skills and builds kitchen confidence!


10. Balance Board

Simple is sometimes the best. This balance board is awesome for all kinds of activities.


11. Doctor Play Set

Going to the doctor isn’t always fun, but this set truly is! Anytime we have an upcoming appointment we will role-play to help build confidence and an understanding of what will happen when we do see the doctor. Plus I love being the patient and getting to lay down for a few minutes while I receive “treatment”.


12. Stacking Rainbow

Colorful, fun, and the perfect addition to your play area. We use these for all kinds of activities.


13. Beauty Salon Set

Hair cuts can be just as new wracking as the doctor so we also love to role play “salon time”. And let me tell you, playing “salon” is even more relaxing than being the doctor’s patient.


14. Shape Sorting Dump Truck

Shape sorting, color sorting, and all the dump truck fun combined into one toy!


15. See and Spell Toy

As we prepare for kindergarten next year, we are working hard on sight words and this toy is awesome for that!


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